Is Matched Betting a Bet You Can’t Lose?

Is Matched Betting a Bet You Can’t Lose?

You may have noticed recently that a lot of people are now getting in to a craze called matched betting. If this is the first time you have heard of it, then don’t worry, in this article I will be explaining exactly what it is and how it works, and also how you could be making thousands of pounds by next month.

Matched betting is basically the process of taking using the betting exchanges to your advantage so you can lay bets off that you have backed with online bookmakers. If you do this in a certain way, which is all clearly explained on Profit Accumulator, then you cannot fail to make money from it. As long as online bookmakers continue to offers bonuses and offers, you will be able to keep making risk free money.

The simple explanation how matched betting works is this: You back the outcome of a sporting event with an online bookie, and then lay the same outcome on a betting exchange. By doing this it means that no matter what the outcome of the sporting event is, you can’t lose. You then do the same with the free bet or bonus money , but this time use the simple calculator on the Profit Accumulator website which shows you how much you need to lay off this time to lock in your guaranteed profit. The video below explains it in a little more detail:

Profit Accumulator allows you to do matched betting quicker and easier than ever before. Instead of having to look around for hours every day to see what offers are available, now you can just log in to their website and they will have posted all the offers for that day along with exactly how you should be doing the offer to get the maximum profit from it. This is the reason why I advise anybody who seriously wants to get in to matched betting and make the most profit possible, to join Profit Accumulator.

The private forum, which is reserved for all platinum members, is a very helpful and valuable resource too. When you have over ten thousand members then it means the forums are very active with a lot of very useful information being shared in them every day.

With thousands of platinum members, you are in safe hands. They are the biggest and best matched betting website around and have by far the best support.

There’s pretty much no limit to the amount of money you can make from matched betting. Some members of Profit Accumulator make well over £2,000 every month.

If you do want to make thousands per month from matched betting, then you will have to dedicate a fair amount of hours to it every month.

You will have dozens of different offers to pick from, including football and slots. There is usually well over 20 offers every day that you can complete.

You can’t lose by doing the sport offers, they are done in a way which means you will always make a good profit. By doing these regularly it means that it will give you more money to complete the more lucrative casino offers.

Doing the risk free slots offers means that you can’t lose any money, only potentially win money. These offers are great as you have the opportunity to hit a big win, but never risk your initial deposit.

It’s essential to also do the value casino offers that are not risk free. The reason for this is that over time you will make a lot of profit from doing these, so it makes sense to keep doing them, even though you may go on a run of not winning sometimes.

That pretty much wraps up this review. You can join Profit Accumulator for free and get the full training and access to a few offers. That way you can learn everything, and make some profit before you even have to join the site as a platinum member.

Is an Electric Chainsaw better than a Gas Chainsaw? Yes it is

Is an Electric Chainsaw better than a Gas Chainsaw? Yes it is

Electric Chainsaw Better Than A Gas Chainsaw, Yes

You’re probably reading my headline and thinking no way that’s impossible, an electric chainsaw just can’t be better than a gas chainsaw.

Well! I’ve got news for you, it is possible to have an electric chainsaw that is better than a gas chainsaw. Technology has advanced so much over the years.that today’s electric chainsaws are providing performance and ease of use which makes them better than a gas chainsaw.


  • Maintenance is minimal
  • Low noise levels
  • Some are now more powerful than a gas chainsaw
  • Eco-friendly as they don’t release any fumes
  • Lightweight, making them easier to handle
  • Storage is easy and you can use sparingly without worrying the fuel will be sitting in it for a length of time.
  • Push button start

The above video compares an electric chainsaw versus a gas chainsaw. You can make your own mind up just watching this.


  • You’re limited to length of the power cord
  • No good for felling / bucking large trees

Overall if you do your research on electric chainsaws and compare them to a gas chainsaw you’ll see that they provide great value for money and match them for specifications.

When buying a chainsaw please take into account your experience, a relatively small and lightweight chainsaw would be the best option for a beginner, they have safety features that include automatic cut out when you let go of the button. Could be the difference between a minor accident and a serious accident, a gas chainsaw will keep ticking over even if you let go.

Do your research to find the best chainsaw for you.

Overall electric chainsaws provide real value for money and ease of use. They’re ideal for the homeowner who has a few trees in the back yard which need pruning every other year. The chainsaw will save you time and speed up the process if pruning as opposed to using a hand saw.

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